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I’ve been working quite a bit recently and although it’s a bit sad to miss out on holiday festivities, I don’t mind it too much either.  It may seem weird to some, but overall I’m just grateful to have a job that I love and be able to work (especially since I wasn’t last year).  Working 12+ hours a day 6 days a week doesn’t leave much time for anything, but last Saturday we did carve out a day for holiday things – tree shopping, time with family, a dinner out on the town.  Joy to you & yours.

And, a few things of note (because I don’t have any new recipes to share):

– Some good evidence to keep snacking on nuts.

– I love picking out our holiday cards each year.

– A batch of these quinoa patties will cover lunch for at least a couple days (I added spinach + feta this time and dipped in greek yogurt – yum).

– I usually check out books at the library, but decided this one was worth buying.

– Do you have a favorite holiday movie?  I hope to find time to watch this one.

A lovely poem, makes me want to grow paper whites.

– On my Christmas wish-list: new pair of slippers.

– If I have time, will be trying out some new cookies.

A dish I plan to make soon.