kitchen goals: an edible {balcony} garden

urban garden

In the forward to Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting MealAlice Waters describes the joy of harvesting a head of lettuce out of the ground to make a fresh salad.  Out of all the books, essays and stories I’ve read about sustainable gardening and cooking, the image of the fresh harvested lettuce is one that has stuck with me.  Perhaps it did so because I had never thought about where lettuce came from, what it looked like when it grew bursting out of the ground, or what it might taste like without being packaged in plastic and shipped across the country.  And as soon as tonight, we will find out.

Our garden project started a few weeks ago when I picked up a few starter plants at our local farmer’s market.  Herbs worked well for us last year, but I was eager to explained our little balcony garden to include more edible foods such as lettuce, spinach, peppers & tomatoes.  I purchased two books online – The Bountiful Container and Grow Great Grub.  These books, in addition to conversations with farmer’s, neighbors and successful balcony-gardening-friends, have provided me with enough knowledge to get started.  Welcome to our balcony beginnings.








2 thoughts on “kitchen goals: an edible {balcony} garden

  1. I got a tomato tree this year for the front lawn area, in addition to the herbs, and my next door neighbor said I was an idiot because the rats will just eat them. 1) Gross 2) He’s right 😦 So disappointing! Maybe being on a balcony will be out the rats reach…

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