how to roast a red pepper

Let’s talk about red peppers.  Raw, delicious.  Sautéed, so good.  Roasted, a whole new ball game.  Here’s how it goes.


It’s a little scary, but you can do it.  Place one, two or three peppers over a flame.  No gas stove?  No problem, place them under a broiler.  Turn (over the flame or under the broiler) until each side is charred and black & blistered.  Over the flame this takes just a few minutes per side.  Under the broiler, a little longer, maybe 25 minutes total.


As soon as you take them off the flame, put them on a cutting board and cover with a glass or metal bowl (I love pyrex).  Let rest & steam for about 15 minutes.  Alternatively, you could place the pepper inside a bowl and cover tightly with a plate or plastic wrap.  Just make sure no steam gets out.


Once they have steamed, remove the lid.  The skin should slide off easily.  Just pull it away with your fingers.  It will be messy, you’ll have pepper skins all over your hands.  You can wash them in a little bit.


Once you’ve peeled all the peppers, I like to run them under water.  Be careful, they’re very soft now and will break open.  I clean out the seeds from the inside and place them back on the cutting board.  At this point you can stop, place them in a glass container, cover with oil and store in the fridge for up to two weeks.  Use them to make a panini, in a salad with feta & quinoa or with eggs & spinach in a gratin.


Or, you could keep on going, chop them up into pieces.


Toss them into a food processor with some sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts, a bit of salt and a glug of olive oil.


Boom, red pepper pesto.  I enjoyed this as a pasta sauce over quinoa pasta, with a bunch of sautéed shopped spinach, toasted walnuts & goat cheese.  I’m planning on using leftovers this week to make a grilled cheese sandwich.  What do you do with roasted red peppers?  Any other ideas for leftover pesto?

Source: Roasted Red Pepper Pesto via acouplecooks, all others as linked.


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