golden-crusted brussels sprouts


I’ve found that one of the best ways to make sure I eat lots of veggies is to learn how to cook them all sorts of ways.  Roasted, sautéed, boiled, steamed – you name it, I’ve tried it.  It’s hard for me to pick a favorite – it depends on the vegetable, on the season, on what I’ll be serving it with, or simply how soon it needs to be ready.  Brussels sprouts have been a new favorite this winter and I’ve bought them almost weekly, hence the need to branch out and try them all different ways.  This way – steamed & sautéed then topped with a little salt, pepper and freshly grated parmesan on top – is my newest favorite.  If the caramelized brussels sprouts didn’t convert you, I think these might.

golden-crusted brussels sprouts
yield: however many brussels sprouts you want

recipe notes: I didn’t include a yield or even a specific amount of brussels sprouts in the recipe because it doesn’t really matter.  All you need to do is make sure you have the right size pan so that all your halved brussels sprouts can lay flat.  The amount of salt, pepper & parmesan you use is also up to you.  Grate as much as you think looks good and pass extra around when serving if people want more.

brussels sprouts
olive oil
parmesan, freshly grated

 1.  Wash the brussels sprouts, trim the stems & remove any ragged outer leaves.  Cut in half from stem to top.  Place the sprouts in a bowl, pour a glug of olive oil over them and toss to coat.

2.  Heat about 1 Tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat.  (Be careful not to over-heat because you don’t want the outside of the brussels sprouts to cook too quickly.)  Place the brussels sprouts in the pan flat side down.  (I typically pour them in them quickly turn them all over appropriately either with my hand).  Sprinkle with a couple pinches of salt, cover, and cook for about 5 minutes.  Poke a fork through one of the sprouts – if it pierces easily, move on to the next step; if it’s still a bit tough, re-cover and cook a bit longer.

3.  Once tender, uncover, and cook until the flat sides are deep brown and caramelized.  Toss them once or twice to get some browning on the rounded side.  Season with more salt, a few grinds of pepper and a dusting of grated cheese.

source: 101 cookbooks


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