links this week


I hope you all had as relaxing as a weekend as I did.  When a weekend comes along when I have both Saturday and Sunday off work, it’s a treasured occasion and I made the most of it.  I’ve got lots of good things coming your way later this week, but in the meantime, here’s some things from around the web I’ve post-marked recently.

– Loved thekitchn’s weekend meditation this week.

– Which leads me to the latest addition to my kitchen wish-list.

– And speaking of a couple cooks, I’m super excited for this new project.

– Made this popcorn for a girls night on Saturday and didn’t really want to share it.

– Discovered this gluten-free blog last week and am pretty much in love.

– Finally caught up on this show Friday night.  Are you kidding me?

– Checked out another book from the library.  Is it weird that I’m enjoying reading what is essentially a dictionary?

That’s all from me for now.  Wishing you a happy, happy week.  Spring is coming soon, friends!



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