sparkling cranberries


I overbought cranberries for Thanksgiving.  When thinking of ways to use them up, I remembered a recipe for sparkling cranberries I had bookmarked a long time ago.  I remember it being simple.  Simple it was and so delicious.


Cranberries soak in simple syrup overnight in the fridge.  The next day they are tossed with sugar and left to dry.  Served chilled from the fridge they are the perfect addition to a holiday party spread, a welcome hostess gift or, if you’re like us, a great sugary-tart treat to eat anytime you open the fridge and see them sparkling in front of you.

sparkling cranberries
yield: 2 cups

I’ve made these twice now and found that it’s easiest to toss the syrupy cranberries on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper in small batches, adding a small bunch of cranberries and sugar at a time so that the syrup and sugar don’t form a sticky-syrupy pile of their own.  Heidi suggests a raw cane sugar or brown sugar for the simple syrup and the first tossing.  I used Trader Joe’s organic white sugar for the syrup and the first tossing and then regular granulated sugar for the second.   Again, make sure you plan ahead as the cranberry/syrup mixture needs to rest in the fridge overnight before tossing & the tossed cranberries need time to dry after coating.

2 cups cranberries, picked over
2 cups water
2 cups sugar, plus more for tossing

1.  Sort the cranberries, excluding mushy ones, placing 2 cups of good ones in a medium glass bowl.

2.  Make the simple syrup by bringing water & 2 cups sugar to a simmer in a medium saucepan until it dissolves.  Let syrup cool for a few minutes.  Make sure the syrup is cool enough or the cranberries will burst.  Cover & refrigerate overnight.

3.  The next day, drain the cranberries.  Place a bunch on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and toss with sugar.  Repeat for a few batches until all the cranberries are coated on the baking dish.  Leave the cranberries on the baking dish to dry for a few hours.

4.  Do a second toss with regular granulated sugar.  Let dry another hour.  Store in the fridge.  I imagine they’d keep for at least a week but ours have only ever lasted a few days.

Source: 101 cookbooks


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