frozen lemonade

You know that part in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan’s character fakes being bad at Math so she has an excuse to talk to the cute boy sitting behind her?  This is kinda like that – in that I’m Lindsay Lohan, you’re that cute guy and this recipe for frozen lemonade is my fake attempt at a recipe so that I have an excuse to talk to you.  I’ve missed you, friends.

To be perfectly honest here, it’s not really a recipe.  It’s two ingredients (three, if you’re into the optional ones) and it requires about 30 seconds of your time.  But after a long day at work and a hot, sticky commute home, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting on the porch with a glass of this lemonade.  Even better if you can share it with a friend.

frozen lemonade
serves 1 (easily doubled, tripled, quadrupled)

I love the idea of using homemade lemonade here but as I haven’t had any lemons around recently I’ve been using Trader Joe’s Low-Calorie Lemonade.  Of course, you can use whatever you like.  I like to garnish with mint and always end up mixing it into the lemonade because I love that extra flavor.

1 cup lemonade
1 cup ice
sprig of mint (optional, for garnish)

1.  Combine lemonade and ice in a blender & blend until slushy.

2.  Pour into a glass, garnish with mint & enjoy.

source: inspired by summer heat, billboards along the Eisenhower & a couple cooks


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