Remembering Grandma

Christmas 1984

Today would have been her 86th birthday, but she wouldn’t have taken a moment to remember it.  She would have spent the past few weeks preparing for Christmas – baking, cooking, shopping and wrapping like crazy – because if we had a Merry Christmas, then she would have a Happy Birthday.

I have spent hours upon hours in the kitchen over the past few days – baking, cooking and preparing.  I have thought about her a lot, remembered the times we shared in the kitchen and wondered about the many years I never paid attention to how much work she put in to making our holidays bright.  It is a lot of work.  But in my opinion, worth every minute.  Because when you can provide those you love with meals that make them feel loved, there isn’t much else that could make your holidays bright.

So this morning, as I sit in my quiet house enjoying a cup of coffee and big bowl of oatmeal, I am filled with love and gratitude.  For the recipes she passed down, for the holidays she made so special and for the love she gave us.  I will always miss her, I will always remember her and I will always celebrate her birthday by sharing the joy of the holidays with the people I love.

To me, that’s exactly how she would have wanted it.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Grandma

  1. Maria, Your Grandmother sounds like a wonderful women. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Makes me think of my Grandmother and all the baking she did. I hope my family will remember all my cooking and baking and realizes all the love that goes into it. Thank you for sharing your baking and ice cream with us this holiday. Love Nancy

    • Nancy,

      Thanks for your comment. I love that I can remember my grandmother this way. And that I can share all my baking and cooking with others – and all the recipes with you 🙂 I have many that I hope to have of yours in the future – I think I may need a one-on-one cheesecake tutorial. And I do think all the love that goes into the cooking and baking definitely makes the food taste better 🙂

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